English 12

This website offers general outlines for the entire class. With block scheduling the days may not exactly line up to what is listed depending on the week. Specific assignments and more information can be found on each periods Google Classroom site:

2nd Period Google Classroom Code: 7ao5yru
6th Period Google Classroom Code: auuqdsw

Weekly Learning Objectives

Week of 11/23

Monday/Tuesday: Finish Book and Charity Projects/Present Charity Projects

Week of 11/9

Monday/Tuesday:  Discuss Friday’s Reading/Read “The First Tuesday” up to “The Fourth Tuesday”

Wednesday/Thursday: “The First Tuesday writing assignment”/Read “The Fourth Tuesday up to “The Seventh Tuesday”

Friday: Discuss Reading

Week of 11/2

Monday/Tuesday: Propaganda Essay Test

Wednesday/Thursday: Tuesday’s with Morrie intro

Friday: Begin reading Tuesday’s with Morrie

Week of 10/26

Monday: No School

Tuesday/Wednesday : Media Bias examples and discussion- Writing assignment

Thursday/Friday: Finish fighting back section of Propaganda Critic and revisit Examples assignment from two weeks ago.

Week of 10/19

Monday/Tuesday: Teach class assigned Propaganda/Propaganda Videos

Wednesday/Thursday: Media Bias

Friday: Media Bias assignment

Week of 10/12



Friday: Propaganda Case Studies

Week of 10/5

Monday-Wednesday: The Great Hack

  • Questions over the documentary/scandal are located on Google Classroom.  They are due on Thursday.

Thursday: The Great Hack Questions

Friday: Propaganda examples assignment

Week of 9/28

Monday/Tuesday: Book Presentations

Wednesday/Thursday: Lord of the Flies research/comparison

Friday: Propaganda Introduction

Week of 9/21

Monday-Friday: Finish Books and Final Presentation Assignment

Week of 9/14

Monday/Tuesday: Kahoot presentations.  Continue to read book

Wednesday/Thursday: Continue reading.  Goal is to be at least 3/4 of the way finished with book by the end of Thursday

Friday: In class discussion (Teacher based questions)

These are the questions we will be discussing Friday in class.  Be prepared to answer them as we facilitate discussion (nothing written is required I just wanted to give you a chance to prepare before hand).

  1. How has your story evolved so far?  In what ways has the author kept your interest?
  2. What has been the most interesting part of the novel so far? 
  3. How do the events in this book compare to other books you’ve read?
  4. How do the big ideas of this book remind you of real life?
  5. What is the story really about?
  6. What was new information for you?
  7. How have characters (if you have them) changed throughout the novel?
  8. How has your thinking changed as a result of what you learned from the story?

Week of 9/7

Here is an outline of what we will be doing this week:

Tuesday/Wednesday: Discuss student written questions in class.  Continue reading novels

Thursday/Friday: Create book specific Kahoot over first half of the book/Continue Reading Novels

Kahoot assignment (20 points)

  • Create a 10 question Kahoot about the first half of your novel
  • Questions should be specific to your novel
    • Examples include (but are not limited to)
      • Characters
      • Setting
      • Theme
      • Plot
      • Any other ideas or concepts you feel are important
  • Since most/all of the students have not read your novel you need to include an image with each question that gives us some sort of clue as to the answer.
  • We will work on Kahoot’s Thursday/Friday and will present them next week.

Week of 8/31

Descriptive Narratives Due-Will share some together as a class

Lit Circle/Book Clubs

  • Students will get into groups of 2-4
  • Pick same book to read (remote and in school can be in same group)
  • Begin book
  • Write a 1 page summary of first 30 pages of book (each member of group)
  • Create 3 discussion questions for the class (1 for group)
    • Write the question
    • Answer the question
    • Be prepared to discuss with the class

Week of 8/24

Weekly Plan:

Tuesday– Intro to class, expectations, etc.
Wednesday/Thursday– Short story assignment and Walk around outside noting what you see
Friday– Descriptive narrative assignment

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