Broadcast Journalism

How to Green Screen

Premier Pro Basics

Alumni on the Job

Week of 12/2

Continue Holiday Video

1st Drafts Due on Friday 12/6

Week of 11/25

Continue Holiday Video

Week of 11/18

Begin Holiday Special Video

Create a 2-3 minute skit with a holiday theme

  • Due Wednesday:
    • Detailed storyboard
      • Include shot locations and camera shots
    • List of characters and their roles
    • List of props needed

Week of 11/4

Finish Health Board PSA’s

Start After Effects Project

Using the list from the following link choose one effect to create in After Effects.

After Effects Projects

Weeks of 10/7-10/31

Halloween Episode

  • 1st Draft Due 10/18
  • Final Draft Due 10/25
  • Any Fall/Halloween theme will work
  • 2-5 minute limit on video
  • Must be approved by Mr. Wolf beforehand

Begin Columbiana Health Board PSA

PSA flyerPSA Contest fact sheets

Drug PSA rules

Week of 9/30

Continue work on OSBA Video Contest (link below).

Video due Thursday 10/3

Week of 9/23

Finish “Choice” Videos.  Due Thursday 9/26

When done with “Choice” begin one of the following:

OSBA Video Contest


Week of 9/16

Begin “Choice” Videos

1st Drafts are due by Friday 9/20 (25 points)

Your videos must include one camera shot/movement from each category along with 2 others of your choice (you are not limited to just the 5 different shots but must have them).



Camera Movement

Extreme long shot

Eye level


Long shot

High angle


Full shot

Low angle


Medium long shot

Over the Shoulder





Medium close up



Close up



Extreme Close Up



Week of 9/2-9/11

Finish Columbiana Commercial

  • Due Wednesday 9/11

Week of 8/26

Monday: Camera Shots

    1. Filmmaking 101: Camera Shot Types
    2. Ultimate Guide to Camera Shots

Tuesday-Thursday: Begin :30-:60 Columbiana Commercial

  • Highlight Columbiana High School
  • Not specific to one group
    • Academics
    • Clubs
    • Sports
  • Cool Animated Intro Text and Font
  • Fade to Black
  • Music

Week of 8/19