Broadcast Journalism

Below is an outline of weekly assignments/project for our class. More specifics can also be found on our google classroom:

Broadcast Journalism Google Classroom code: gxm7ynq

How to Green Screen

Premier Pro Basics

Camera Angles

Camera Angle Cheat Sheet

Storyboard Template

News Broadcast Intro

After Effects Spinning World 

After Effect Spinning World 2


November 16-23

Continue News Intros (**Update-News intros on hold due to remote learning**)

History of Broadcast Questions (on Classroom)

Network Presentation-Broadcast Journalism

Week of November 9

Monday: Finish Live Streaming Practice

Wednesday/Friday: Begin filming News Intros

Week of November 2

Monday: Review practice News sessions

Wednesday: Practice live streaming

Friday: Live streaming to home and Mrs. Missos

October 19-30

Begin Lives News Reporting Assignments

This week we will go over the technology being used to broadcast our news report.  

Each group will have time to practice using the technology along with sitting behind the desk.

During the week continue research and writing (along with filming outside footage) for the broadcast.

The goal is to produce a live broadcast the first week of November.

October 5-16

You will have two weeks to complete the next assignment:

Choice Halloween/Fall festival:

You are to create a video that relates to either Halloween or the fall.  What you do is completely up to you.  The video should be in the 2 minute-5 minute range.  Possible options include:

  • Movie remake/parody
  • “How to Video”
  • Original movie/skit
  • Any other idea you can think of

Your first assignment for this project will be a storyboard.  The storyboard is worth 25 points and needs to be completely thought out.  Use the storyboard to help create your video.  When your video is complete you will write a reflection paper discussing how your video changed from your storyboard to the final project.

September 14-October 2nd

Groups will have 1 week in their respective locations:

Group 1- Classroom group

Group 2- Filming Group

This segments project will be a family picnic gone wrong

You video must include:

  • One location filming (picnic tables behind the school for example)
  • The following camera angles/movements:
    • Pan/Tilt/Truck/Zoom
    • Full shot/Medium Shot/Close Up
    • Over the Shoulder/Two Shot
  • The characters in the picnic are up to you 
  • What goes wrong is up to you

Group 3- Editing Group

Storyboard in Premier Pro

Edit the picnic gone wrong.  Make sure you include the following

  • At least 2:30 in length no longer than 5 minutes
  • At least 2 sound effects
  • An Intro graphic with intro music

August 26-September 11

Will rotate groups each week:

Group 1- Classroom Group

Group 2- Filming Group

  • Use the woods behind the school (cross country course) and film a walk in the woods. (Remote students can use any location they choose)
  • Be creative with it as you can be an explorer looking for animals, birds, ghosts etc.
  • Video needs to be at least 1 Min in length
  • Needs to include at least 3 different locations within the woods
  • Include some sort of narration (live or recorded after)

Group 3- Editing Group

  • Edit your walk in the woods video

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