Broadcast Journalism

How to Green Screen

Final Projects Due 5/22

  • Project of your choice
  • Every student must film and edit their own project

Week of 4/23

“Fake” News Story is due on Thursday 4/25

Week of 4/15

Continue work on your “Fake” News Story.  Drafts are due Wednesday 4/17

Week of 4/1

Continue working on Greek Myth Movie Trailer.  1st Drafts of the trailer are due by Thursday 4/4


Greek Myth Movie Trailer

3/25 Monday: Find a Greek Myth

3/26 Tuesday: Watch following Movie Trailers.  Write down 5 aspects you see are important in all movie trailers

3/27 Wednesday: You will be creating a movie trailer for the Greek myth you found.  For today create a storyboard for the trailer you will be creating.  Be sure to be very specific in your storyboard including titles and all graphics.  Utilize the five aspects you found yesterday that are important in all movie trailers.


Spring Sports Preview Videos

  • Track
  • Softball
  • Baseball

3/11-3/13 Finish Choice Videos

3/4-3/6 Cafe Milkshake Commercial

3/6-3/8 Finish Choice Videos


:30-:60 Video Game Tournament Commercial Due Friday

Video Game Tournament


Choice Video and Final Music Video Preparation


1:00 Music Video

“Deep” by Northern Lights


Sport Recaps

Include the following:

  • Highlights
  • Interview(s)
  • Voice Over
  • Record
  • Schedule
  • Key Games
  • Background Music
  • Cool Graphics


Continue Holiday Videos

  • First Draft Due Friday 12/7
  • Final Draft Due Friday 12/14

Week of 11/26

11/26 Monday: No School

11/27 Tuesday: Brainstorm Christmas/Holiday Video

11/28 Wednesday: Storyboard Video

11/29-11/30 Thursday-Friday: Begin Filming


Filmaking 101: Camera Shot Types

  1. Using storyboard draw pictures of main shots
  2. Get into groups of 2 and find three examples of assigned shots
    1. Each shot needs to be from a different video/film
  3. Shot Examples
    1. Long Shot (LS)
    2. Medium Shot (MS)
    3. Close Up (CU)
    4. Eye Level
    5. High Angle
    6. Low Angle
    7. Over the Shoulder
    8. Static/Fixed
    9. Zoom
    10. Pan
    11. Tilt
    12. Tracking
  4. Use the following sites to help you
    1. Filmmaking 101: Camera Shot Types
    2. Ultimate Guide to Camera Shots

Week of 11/5-11/14

Vindy HS Music Video Contest Rules

  • Begin Music Video Contest Snippet
    • Due November 14th
      • :30-60 seconds in length
      • Follow rules of HS Music Video Challenge
      • Focus on
        • Transitions
        • Cuts
        • Special FX
        • Green Screen
        • Camera Angles

Week of 10/22-10/31

Michael Myers Halloween Episode

Week of 10/15

Finish Movie Trailer

Discuss new project

Week of 10/8

Continue Book Movie Trailer

Week of 10/1

Book Movie Trailer Project

  • Choose a book that you have previously read and make a movie trailer for it
  • Trailer should be 1:30-2:00 in length
  • Trailer should contain action from entire book

Monday: Watch trailers and begin outlining/storyboarding our trailer

Tuesday: Outlines and storyboards are due

Wednesday-Friday: Begin work on trailer

Week of 9/24

Begin After Effects Projects.  You will be doing a disintegration effect.  Groups into 2-3 people.  This will be due on Friday 9/28

Make yourself disintegrate

After Effects Projects

Week of 9/17

Begin 2nd Projects

  • These projects should be around 1 minute in length and are open to whatever you would like to do.

Week of 9/10

9/10 Monday-9/14 Friday: Finish commercials

Week of 9/3

9/3 Monday: No School

9/4 Tuesday: Begin Storyboarding :30 Columbiana Commercial

9/5-9/6 Wednesday-Thursday: Film commercial

9/7 Friday: Begin editing commercial

Week of 8/27

Create 15-30 second film from stock footage including music and a voiceover

Week of 8/23