Broadcast Journalism

Below is an outline of weekly assignments/project for our class. More specifics can also be found on our google classroom:

Broadcast Journalism Google Classroom code: gxm7ynq

How to Green Screen

Premier Pro Basics

Camera Angles

Camera Angle Cheat Sheet

Storyboard Template

September 14-October 2nd

Groups will have 1 week in their respective locations:

Group 1- Classroom group

Group 2- Filming Group

This segments project will be a family picnic gone wrong

You video must include:

  • One location filming (picnic tables behind the school for example)
  • The following camera angles/movements:
    • Pan/Tilt/Truck/Zoom
    • Full shot/Medium Shot/Close Up
    • Over the Shoulder/Two Shot
  • The characters in the picnic are up to you 
  • What goes wrong is up to you

Group 3- Editing Group

Storyboard in Premier Pro

Edit the picnic gone wrong.  Make sure you include the following

  • At least 2:30 in length no longer than 5 minutes
  • At least 2 sound effects
  • An Intro graphic with intro music

August 26-September 11

Will rotate groups each week:

Group 1- Classroom Group

Group 2- Filming Group

  • Use the woods behind the school (cross country course) and film a walk in the woods. (Remote students can use any location they choose)
  • Be creative with it as you can be an explorer looking for animals, birds, ghosts etc.
  • Video needs to be at least 1 Min in length
  • Needs to include at least 3 different locations within the woods
  • Include some sort of narration (live or recorded after)

Group 3- Editing Group

  • Edit your walk in the woods video