Broadcast English

Below is an outline of weekly assignments/project for our class. More specifics can also be found on our google classroom:

Broadcast English Google Classroom code: deacrfy

Weekly Learning Objectives

Storyboard Template

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September 14th-October 2nd

3 Groups-will rotate each week

Group 1- Classroom group

  • Richard Jewell Story
    • Impact of News Media on public perception
  • Read the following articles:
  • Answer the following questions after watching the movie and the two articles
    • In what ways did the media have an effect on the public perception of Richard Jewell?
    • Despite never being arrested how did it effect his long term life?
    • How should the media have handled the story of Richard Jewell?
  • Answer each question in paragraph form.  Use examples to support your answers to the first two questions.

Group 2- Filming Group

Mock Newscast Project

You will be creating a mock newscast. Your goal is to film on scene events for your broadcast in this group. You will create the scenes and interviews etc. Your broadcast must include the following:

Breaking News

Again all of this is made up. Be creative with how you want to tell the story. You should have a different reporter for each segment. Also, you can use other people to interview etc. If you are filming by yourself at home create new characters for each segment.

Group 3- Editing Group

As an editor you have two jobs to do. One will be to edit your on scene footage. The other will be to film your desk scenes.

Your at desk scenes should set up the news cast. Additionally you will need to use the green screen for you at Desk scenes. I am including two links for how to green screen whether you are using Premier Pro or iMovie.

You will also need to include an intro and outro for your broadcast with graphics and music.

August 26th-September 11th

3 groups- will rotate each week

Group 1- Classroom Group

  • Intro to Journalism and the Impact of TV and Radio

Group 2- Filming Group

  • Using the Campus of Columbiana make a pro-Columbiana commercial highlighting some of the great things about the “outside” of the building (playground, parking lot, school signs, track, etc).


  • Remote Students can use any area they choose

Group 3- Editing Group

  • Edit your commercial