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Weekly Learning Objectives


Royalty Free Music

More Royalty Free Music

No Copyright Sounds (NCS)

Week of 5/4

Finish your choice video.

**Seniors- try to get your video submitted and shared with me by Wednesday 5/6**

**Juniors- You have until the end of the week to submit your video**

Week of 4/27

Monday 4/27: Upload and share your documentary with Mr. Wolf and Mrs. Rivello

Tuesday 4/28-Friday 5/8

Create a movie of your choice.  There are no stipulations on this.  You will have 2 weeks to create a movie that you want to do.  Have fun with it!  It’s the last project of the year for you seniors so enjoy it as much as you can.

What you need to do for me:

  1. Create a google document and share it with me
  2. In the doc give me daily updates as to how the movie is going. Include the date and how its going.  This can include:
    1. What your plan is
    2. An outline
    3. Why you are doing it
    4. Where you filmed for that day
    5. Any difficulties you had
    6. What you filmed that day
    7. You can even say: I didn’t have time to film today.

**Remember I do not want a new document each day.  Just add to the original one you share with me.  The video is not due until May 8th.**

Week of 4/20

This week you will be creating your own documentary.  This documentary can be serious, funny or a parody of a documentary you have previously seen.  Your documentary must have the following:

  1. Title screen
  2. Intro music
  3. Voiceover
  4. At least 1 minute and 30 seconds long

**This documentary will be due next Monday April 27th**


Monday 4/20: Put your name and the title of your documentary on the document shared with you.

Tuesday 4/21: Submit through email an outline or a storyboard of your documentary.

Wednesday 4/22: Write your name on the document if you are progressing well.  Email Mr Wolf or Mrs. Rivello if you have any questions.

Thursday 4/23: Write your name on the document if you are progressing well.  Email Mr Wolf or Mrs. Rivello if you have any questions.

Friday 4/24: Write your name on the document if you are progressing well.  Email Mr Wolf or Mrs. Rivello if you have any questions.

Week of 4/13

Monday 4/13: No School

Tuesday 4/14: Submit your reality show videos.  The easiest way would be for you to upload to google drive and share with Mrs. Rivello and I.

Wednesday 4/15: Choose a documentary film to watch.  I will share a document with you for you to put your name and the documentary you’re going to watch on it.

Thursday 4/16: Watch documentary

Friday 4/17: Write and share a 1/2-1 page summary of the documentary you watched.  If it is a documentary series you can summarize one episode, multiple episodes or the entire series.

Week of 4/6

This week you will be creating a reality show.  You will need to film using your phone or a camera and share through google drive by Tuesday April 14th.  There are a number of tools that are available for you to edit your video such as iMovie and MovieMaker along with many others.  

Your reality show should include the following (but we are willing to work with you depending on your capabilities):

  1. Title Screen
  2. Intro music
  3. 1-2 minutes in length
  4. The rest is up to you…..have fun with the project!!

If you are unable to film or edit a video please email Mr. Wolf and Mrs. Rivello and we will discuss how we can still do the project or a possible alternative.

**The following is a checklist of what you will need to submit to complete the assignment**

Monday April 6th: Check filming and editing capabilities. Sign your name and what editing software/program you are going to use on the google doc that is shared with you..

Tuesday April 7th: Submit your reality show title on the google doc shared with you.

Wednesday April 8th: Create and share an outline of your reality show.  The outline should include who and what you are filming and how you plan to put it together.

Thursday April 9th: Checkpoint of where you are at with your show.  Sign your name to the google document if you’re on track or email Mr. Wolf and Mrs. Rivello with any questions you have.

Friday April 10th: No work.  Spring Break!!

**The show will be due after Spring Break on Tuesday April 14th**

Week of 3/30

Watch a movie of your choice:

Monday March 30th:

I have shared a document with the class.  On the shared document write your name and the movie you watched/are going to watch on the document under your class.  

Tuesday March 31st:

Write a two paragraph review of the movie: What was your overall opinion about it and why you either liked or disliked it.

Wednesday April 1st:

Analyze the filmmaking techniques of your movie.  How was it filmed and what types of camera angles did they use and what affect did they have. 

Here are two websites that talk about camera angles to refresh your memory:

Thursday April 2nd:

Analyze another aspect of the movie.  You choose from acting, the script or the wardrobe.  Write a 2 paragraph analysis and share.

Friday April 3rd:

Answer the following question:  Do you think movie theaters will be obsolete in 10 years?  Why or why not?

Week of 3/23

For each day read the article and respond to the questions asked on a new document and share with me.

Monday 3/23

    • Freedom of the Press
      • What are the biggest differences of Freedom of the Press in England and Colonial America?

Tuesday 3/24

Wednesday 3/25

Thursday 3/26

Friday 3/27

    • Freedom of Expression in Schools
      • Should students leave constitutional rights when they walk through the school door?  Explain your stance and what the article says.

Week of 3/16: No Work this Week

Week of 3/9

Continue work on Historical Movie Trailer and YSU Press Day Competition

Historical Event Movie Trailer

YSU Press Day Video Competition

Week of 3/2

Continue Historical Event Movie Trailers.  

Week of 2/24

Historical Event Movie Trailer

Week of 2/17

Final drafts of Choice Video are due on Friday 2/21

Week of 2/10

Final Drafts of PSA’s need to be uploaded to their website by Thursday 2/13

Instructions on uploading video

1st Drafts of Choice Videos are due by Thursday 2/13

Week of 1/27-2/7

Finish PSA’s

Begin work on Choice Video

Pitches for choice video are due on Wednesday 1/29

Week of 1/13-1/24

Begin PSA.  Information and details about the contest can be found here:

1-2 Minute pitch is due on Tuesday

Week of 1/6-1/11

We will be creating another video for a competition but first we must do some research for the video.  This week (and for your midterm) you will be writing a 3-4 page MLA format paper.

You will be writing on one of 3 topics:

  • Sustaining Water Systems
  • Ensuring Economic Opportunities
  • Improving Climate Resiliency

You can find more information here: 

This is an individual project and papers are due by the end of class on Friday January 11th.  Mrs. Rivello and I will help you along the way and more information will come as we are working on the papers.

Week of 12/9

Holiday Video final drafts are due Friday

100 points

Week of 12/2

Holiday Video 1st Drafts Due on Friday

30 Points

Week of 11/25

Continue Holiday Video

Week of 11/18

Start Holiday Video- Create a 5-7 Minute remake of a Christmas Movie

Due Tuesday 11/19 (20 points)

  • 1 Page Description of your plan
  • Include:
    • Why are you making it
    • Who is participating and what roles will they play
    • Where will you be filming it (locations of all sets)
    • What do you need to accomplish your goal

Due Wednesday 11/20 (25 Points)

  • Include:
    • Storyboards for each filming location
      • Must include details
      • Must include camera shots

Weeks of 11/4-11/15

News Assignment

News Broadcast

  1. Groups will be assigned
  2. Each group will receive its own assignment to put together as one big news broadcast
  3. Rough Drafts due Friday 11/8
  4. Final Drafts due Wednesday 11/13
  5. Broadcast will be shows Friday 11/15

Week of 10/14-10/31

Continue working on Halloween Special and Mental Health Board PSA.

  • Halloween/Fall first draft due 10/18
  • Halloween/Fall final draft due 10/25

Halloween special ideas must be cleared with teachers before beginning.

Information on PSA:

PSA flyerPSA Contest fact sheets

Drug PSA rules

Two groups who are doing Alumni on the Job Human Interest Story can be found here:

Alumni on the Job

Week of 9/30

Continue work on OSBA Video Contest (link below).

Video due Thursday 10/3

Week of 9/23

Finish Game Show Videos.  Due Thursday 9/26

Begin the following:

OSBA Video Contest



Week of 9/16

Continue Game Show Videos

  • Requirements
    • Length is up to you (no longer then 8 minutes)
    • Must include the following:
      • Theme Music
      • Voiceover or host intro
      • Intro Graphics
      • Lower thirds/graphics
  • 1st Drafts are due Thursday 9/19 (25 points)

Week of 9/9

Finish “How To” Videos.  Due Tuesday 9/10

Wednesday- Class Discussion on Ethics in Media

Read the following articles on Ethics in Media

Write a 3/4-1 Page response to what you have just read.  What are the major issues being discussed and what are your opinions about the issues being raised?

Due Wednesday by the end of 8th period

Thursday-Friday- Begin new project

Week of 9/2

Finish Hype Videos and “How To” Videos.  Both due Thursday 9/5

Week of 8/26

Monday-Storyboards and Camera Movements Review

    1. Filmmaking 101: Camera Shot Types
    2. Ultimate Guide to Camera Shots


  • Finish Hype Videos (Due 9/5)
  • Start “How To” Video:

Week of 8/19

8/19 Monday: No School

8/20 Tuesday:

  • Introduction to the class and equipment
  • Discuss First Assignment
    • Hype videos for Fall Sports and Activities

8/21 Wednesday-8/23 Friday: Begin filming/editing project