Broadcast English

Weekly Learning Objectives


Royalty Free Music

More Royalty Free Music

No Copyright Sounds (NCS)

Week of 12/2

Holiday Video 1st Drafts Due on Friday

30 Points

Week of 11/25

Continue Holiday Video

Week of 11/18

Start Holiday Video- Create a 5-7 Minute remake of a Christmas Movie

Due Tuesday 11/19 (20 points)

  • 1 Page Description of your plan
  • Include:
    • Why are you making it
    • Who is participating and what roles will they play
    • Where will you be filming it (locations of all sets)
    • What do you need to accomplish your goal

Due Wednesday 11/20 (25 Points)

  • Include:
    • Storyboards for each filming location
      • Must include details
      • Must include camera shots

Weeks of 11/4-11/15

News Assignment

News Broadcast

  1. Groups will be assigned
  2. Each group will receive its own assignment to put together as one big news broadcast
  3. Rough Drafts due Friday 11/8
  4. Final Drafts due Wednesday 11/13
  5. Broadcast will be shows Friday 11/15

Week of 10/14-10/31

Continue working on Halloween Special and Mental Health Board PSA.

  • Halloween/Fall first draft due 10/18
  • Halloween/Fall final draft due 10/25

Halloween special ideas must be cleared with teachers before beginning.

Information on PSA:

PSA flyerPSA Contest fact sheets

Drug PSA rules

Two groups who are doing Alumni on the Job Human Interest Story can be found here:

Alumni on the Job

Week of 9/30

Continue work on OSBA Video Contest (link below).

Video due Thursday 10/3

Week of 9/23

Finish Game Show Videos.  Due Thursday 9/26

Begin the following:

OSBA Video Contest



Week of 9/16

Continue Game Show Videos

  • Requirements
    • Length is up to you (no longer then 8 minutes)
    • Must include the following:
      • Theme Music
      • Voiceover or host intro
      • Intro Graphics
      • Lower thirds/graphics
  • 1st Drafts are due Thursday 9/19 (25 points)

Week of 9/9

Finish “How To” Videos.  Due Tuesday 9/10

Wednesday- Class Discussion on Ethics in Media

Read the following articles on Ethics in Media

Write a 3/4-1 Page response to what you have just read.  What are the major issues being discussed and what are your opinions about the issues being raised?

Due Wednesday by the end of 8th period

Thursday-Friday- Begin new project

Week of 9/2

Finish Hype Videos and “How To” Videos.  Both due Thursday 9/5

Week of 8/26

Monday-Storyboards and Camera Movements Review

    1. Filmmaking 101: Camera Shot Types
    2. Ultimate Guide to Camera Shots


  • Finish Hype Videos (Due 9/5)
  • Start “How To” Video:

Week of 8/19

8/19 Monday: No School

8/20 Tuesday:

  • Introduction to the class and equipment
  • Discuss First Assignment
    • Hype videos for Fall Sports and Activities

8/21 Wednesday-8/23 Friday: Begin filming/editing project