English 11

Weekly Learning Objectives

Senior Class Secretary Ballot

Week of 5/11

Monday 5/11- Decide on a project to do for your book

Tuesday 5/12– Create and share a document containing what you plan on doing for the project

Wednesday 5/13-Friday 5/15– Work on project

**The project is due Monday May 18th but you can turn in sooner if you would like**

Week of 5/4

Monday 5/4-Friday 5/8

Continue reading your book.  Each day update how many pages you have read on the google document you shared last week (you do not need to re-share the document).   Your goal is to have the book completed by the end of the week.

By the end of the week or weekend options will be shared with you to choose a project to do involving your book for the following week.

**Book Project**

  • After you have completed reading your book you will create a project to do involving your book.   You will decide what the project is and how you are going to do it.  This is completely up to you.  Do something that plays to your strengths. 
  • A few notes on the project:
    • By Tuesday 5/12 share with Mr. Wolf what your plan is and why you are doing it (10 points)
    • If you cannot figure out what to do please email Mr. Wolf for more specific ideas
    • Projects are due on May 18th
    • Projects are worth 50 points

**I am purposefully not giving you a few ideas for the project.  I want you to think of what to do based on what your strengths are and what you like to do.  Think outside the box.  If you have no idea I will gladly help but we will do that through 1 on 1 communication. **  

Juniors please complete the following 2021 Senior Class Officer ballot:

2021 Senior Class Officer Ballot

Week of 4/27

**This week you will be starting to read a book of your choice.  The goal of this assignment is to take us through the rest of the year using the book you choose as your source material for any future assignments. **

Monday 4/27  Choose a book from your house or digitally to read.  The book needs to be grade level appropriate and a book you have not read before.  Once you have chosen the book create a Google Doc with your name at the top and list the date and the name of the book on it.

** Tuesday 4/28-Thursday 4/30 you will just be reading your book**  On the same document you already sent me (with your book title) add the date and what pages you read that day.  You do not need to read the entire book.  If you read 10 pages great.  If you read 30 pages awesome.  The goal is to have the book finished by the end of next week (5/8).

Friday 5/1  Write a 1/2 page summary of what you have read so far in your book.  Include this on the same document you have been using all week.  Add the date and then the summary.

Your week: 

  • Monday: Pick a book
  • Tuesday-Thursday: Read the book
  • Friday: Summary of what you have read so far

Week of 4/20

Monday 4/20: Create a Google Slideshow of the short story you read.  The goal is for the person watching the slideshow to be able to interpret the entire story similar to the summary you wrote earlier this week.  The slide show must follow these guidelines:

  1. Show who the characters are
  2. Give a plot summary including the ending
  3. Show the theme of the short story

**The slideshow, however, cannot have a slide with more than 5 words on it.  You need to use graphics, animations and pictures to get show how the story developed.  The amount of slides is up to you**

The slideshow will be due on Wednesday.  For Monday I will share with you a document.  Sign your name to the document if you understand the assignment.  If you don’t please email me with questions.

Tuesday 4/21: A document will be shared with you.  On this document will be your name and next to it a partners name.  You will also be sharing your slideshow with the partner listed on Wednesday.  Highlight your name when you receive your partner.

Wednesday 4/22: Share the slideshow with Mr. Wolf and your partner

Thursday 4/23: Interpret the slideshow you got.  Ask questions if needed.  On the document shared with you sign your name if you received the slideshow from  your partner.  If you did not please email Mr. Wolf

Friday 4/24: Write a 1/2-1 page summary of the story/slideshow you received from your partner (similar to what you did last Friday but now for the new story you received). 

Week of 4/13

Monday 4/13: No School

Tuesday 4/14: Turn in final draft of paper.  Please share a new copy with me.

I will be looking at the following when grading:

  1. Proper formatting (MLA header/APA Title Page etc.)
  2. 2 total pages with at least 2 in text citations.  (The citations should be in the format you choose (MLA or APA))
  3. Intro with thesis statement
  4. Works Cited or Reference Page (this does not count as one of your 2 pages)
  5. Use the OWL website for help with formatting and making sure your citations are correct
    1. APA
    2. MLA

Wednesday 4/15: Choose a short story from the following website: 20 Great American Short Stories

A document will be shared with you Wednesday for you to write your name and the story you choose.  If you would like to read a story that is not on this website that is fine also but the story must be approved by me first.

Thursday 4/16: Read your short story

Friday 4/17: Write a 1/2-1 page summary of your short story and share it with Mr. Wolf.  Make sure you include major events that happened and characters that were important.  

Week of 4/6

This week you are to complete a two page research paper on the topic you researched last week.  Each day will have different check points of where you should be along the way.  

You can write the paper in MLA or APA format, whichever you are more comfortable doing.  Remember to include the following in your paper:

  1. Proper formatting (MLA header/APA Title Page etc.)
  2. 2 total pages with at least 2 in text citations.  (The citations should be in the format you choose (MLA or APA))
  3. Intro with thesis statement
  4. Works Cited or Reference Page (this does not count as one of your 2 pages)
  5. Use the OWL website for help with formatting and making sure your citations are correct
    1. APA
    2. MLA

I will share a document with you each day.  If you are on track and have no questions just sign your name on the document.  If you have questions please email me and I will be glad to help.

Please feel free to email me your paper at any time and I will edit it for you.

The following days are a checkpoint as a recommendation as to where you be in terms of writing your paper.

Monday April 6th:  Introduction and thesis statement written

Tuesday April 7th: Body paragraphs written

Wednesday April 8th: Conclusion and Works Cited/Reference page written

Thursday April 9th: 1st Draft Completed

Friday April 10th: Spring Break- No work to be submitted

**The final draft of the paper will be due on Tuesday April 14th.  You can submit your 1st draft anytime before this date and I will look at it to edit the paper.  The final draft needs to be submitted by Tuesday April 14th**

Week of 3/30

Monday March 30th:

Create an APA Reference Page.  (This is similar to the assignment for MLA Works Cited Page).  Use the information from the document below to create the Reference Page.

Open a new document and create an APA reference page using the information provided and share it with me. 

Use the following link to help you creating the APA Reference Page (use the links on the side of the page to access information about books, periodicals, etc.): Reference Page Information

Tuesday March 31st:

I will be sharing a document with all of you.  Your next assignment will involve research.  Your job today is to think of a topic you would like to research.  Once you have your topic add your name and the topic to the shared document in the column for your class.

Wednesday April 1st:

Use INFOhio to search your topic.   Here is how to access INFOhio.  


In the upper left corner of the page you will see where it says statewide user (or something like this.  Click on this and you’ll be directed to a login screen.  Here is your login.   

Login: columbiana

Username: clips

Use Academic Search Premier to search your topic.  To access Academic Search Premier click on grades 9-12 in the middle of the page.  Academic search premier is the very first item on this page.  Click on it to use.  

Here is a visual of where to click INFOhio Information

***Find two articles that are relevant and list the title of the article and author on a document and share with me.   You should be able to access full text .html or .pdf articles related to your topic.  If you are having trouble please email me or Mrs. Rivello or screenshot what you are seeing so we can help.***

The assignment for today is just to find the articles.  You will use them in the future but for now you just need to list what you found on a document and send them to me.  The better the articles you find now the easier the assignments in the future will be.

Thursday April 2nd:

Using the two articles you found on Wednesday write a paragraph for each article citing at least one item from each article.  Cite the item in either MLA or APA format.  You are not writing a paper yet but you can do this as if you were writing a paper.  Each paragraph can be separate though and they do not have to connect to each other.

Share your document with me.

Here are some tools to help you when citing information in either MLA or APA format:

Friday April 3rd:

Create a works cited or reference page for the two articles you cited and wrote your paragraphs on for Thursday.  If you used MLA style create a Works Cited page.  If you used APA style create a Reference Page.  Remember your citations should be in ABC order.

**This is what you did last week and Monday but now you are using your own sources**

Week of 3/23

Monday 3/23: Read the document below and answer the questions that follow in a document and share with me:

      • MLA Formatting and Style Guide
        • Create a document and format a first page of paper (create a fake title for your paper).  You are not writing a paper just creating the top part of the paper. 

Tuesday 3/24:  Go to the following website about MLA Works Cited pages:

      • MLA Works Cited Pages
        • Answer the following questions on a document and share with me:
        • What are some of the basic information you need when creating a works cited list?
        • What is the difference between a source and a container?

Wednesday 3/25: Open the following document.

Open a new document and create a works cited page using the information provided and share it with me. 

Use the following link to help you creating the works cited page (use the links on the side of the page to access information about books, periodicals, etc.):  Works Cited Information

Thursday 3/26: Read the document below and answer the questions that follow in a document and share with me:

      • APA General Formatting Guide
        • Create a title page of an APA paper.  (Make up the title of the paper.) ** Remember you do not have to write a paper** 

Friday 3/27:  Go to the following website about APA Reference pages:

      • APA Reference Pages
        • Answer the following question on a document and share with me:
        • What are some of the basic rules when creating a reference list?

Week of 3/16

No work this week

Week of 3/9

3/9 Monday: Continue working on Lord of the Flies Projects

3/10 Tuesday: Watch and discuss Lord of the Flies movie clips

3/11 Wednesday: Lord of the Flies project presentations

3/12 Thursday: Watch pilot episode of Lost

3/13 Friday: Discuss and compare Lost to Lord of the Flies

Week of 3/2

3/2 Monday: Read Chapters 11 and 12

3/3 Tuesday: Lord of the Flies Review Sheet

3/4 Wednesday: LOTF Review

3/5 Thursday: LOTF Test

3/6 Friday: LOTF Project

Week of 2/24

2/24 Monday: ACT Prep

2/25 Tuesday: ACT

2/26 Wednesday: Read Chapter 8

2/27 Thursday: Read Chapter 9

2/28 Friday: Read Chapter 10

Week of 2/17

2/17 Monday: No School

2/18 Tuesday: Chapters 1-4 Discussion

2/19 Wednesday: Read Chapter 5

2/20 Thursday: Read Chapter 6

2/21 Friday: Read Chapter 7

Week of 2/10

Monday: Lord of the Flies Intro

Tuesday-Thursday: Complete the following assignments.  Due Tue Feb 18

  • Read chapters 1-4
  • Create Quiz
  • Draw Map of the Island

Lord of the Flies Chapters 1-4 Quiz and Map Creation

Week of 2/3

2/3 Monday: SWOT Analysis

2/4 Tuesday: Vision and Mission Statements

2/5 Wednesday: Strategic Planning Discussion

2/6 Thursday-2/7 Friday: Strategic Planning Project

Strategic Planning Project- 2020


Week of 1/27

1/27 Monday: Zero Tolerance Leadership Activity

1/28 Tuesday: Brain Teaser Leadership Activity

1/29 Wednesday: Budget Leadership Activity

1/30 Thursday: Pittsburgh Technical College Visit

1/31 Friday: TBA (Morning speakers plus afternoon pep rally)

Week of 1/20

1/20 Monday: No School

1/21 Tuesday: Shackelton Assignment

1/22 Wednesday: Shackleton Quiz and 5 Qualities Leadership Paper

  • Write a one page paper talking about Shackleton and his leadership ideas.  Use examples from his journey or from your life to explain how Shackleton leads.  Also, feel free to compare his techniques to those of Maxwell and Wooden.

1/23 Thursday: Finish Leadership Paper

1/24 Friday: Shackleton Leadership Discussion (Based off of paper)

Week of 1/13

1/13 Monday: Finish Wooden Presentations

1/14 Tuesday: Watch Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership

1/15 Wednesday-1/16 Thursday: Begin Maxwell 21 Qualities of a Leader Paper

1/17 Friday: Leadership exercise- Hiring Activity


Week of 1/6

1/6 Monday: Wooden’s Pyramid of Success

1/7 Tuesday-1/8 Wednesday:

Pyramid Blocks assignment

  • Groups of no more than 2
  • 2 minute presentation on assigned Block or Blocks of pyramid
  • Include Wooden’s full breakdown from website
  • Include your interpretation and apply it to current HS lives
  • Find a current or past person who represents the ideas presented
    • **This is your midterm** You will be graded on how your slide deck is put together along with how your presentation goes.  It is short so make it effective.

Thursday 1/9: Wooden Pyramid Presentations

Friday 1/10: Read the following: 

21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader: 21 Qualities .pdf

Create a list ranking the 21 qualities in order that you feel most pertain to you to least.  Create this on a google document and keep it as we will expand on it next week.

Week of 12/9

12/9 Monday-Wednesday:

  • Groups of 2-3
  • Choose a short story from the group of stories
  • Read story individually or as a group
  • Create two assignments relating to your story (you will be giving these assignments to another group)

**Your assignments include, but are not limited to:

    • Multiple choice questions
    • Essay questions
    • Comics
    • T Charts
    • Vocabulary
    • Presentations

**You can come up with any type of assignment you want.  The two should be different though.  My recommendation is one assignment covers general ideas about the story while the other is more in depth.**

12/12 Thursday-12/13 Friday

  • You will be given the story and assignments from one of the other groups
  • Read your new story
  • Finish the two assignments

Week of 12/2

12/2 Monday- No School

12/3 Tuesday- Frankenstein friend presentations

12/4 Wednesday- Review of entire book

12/5 Thursday- Frankenstein Test Day 1

12/6 Friday- Frankenstein Test Day 2

Week of 11/25

11/25 Monday-11/26 Tuesday

In Library to work on Frankenstein Friend Page

Guidance Poll

Week of 11/18

11/18 Monday: Guidance Scheduling Visit

11/19 Tuesday: Read Chapters 19-20

11/20 Wednesday: Read Chapters 21-22

11/21 Thursday: Read Chapters 23-24

11/22 Friday: Review Chapters 17-24

Survey for Creative Entrepreneurship

Week of 11/11

11/11 Monday: Read Chapters 13-14

11/12 Tuesday: Read Chapter 15

11/13 Wednesday: Read Chapter 16

11/14 Thursday: Chapters 11-16 Storyboard Assignment

Chapters 11-16 Storyboard review

11/15 Friday: Read Chapters 17-18

Week of 11/4

11/4 Monday: Read Chapter 7

11/5 Tuesday: Read Chapter 8

11/6 Wednesday: Read Chapters 9-10

11/7 Thursday: 1-10 Review Assignment

11/8 Friday: Read Chapters 11-12

Week of 10/28

10/28 Monday: Letter Summaries due: Read Chapter 1

10/29 Tuesday: Read chapters 2-3

10/30 Wednesday: Read chapter 4

10/31 Thursday: Read chapters 5-6

11/1 Friday: Review Chapters 1-6

Week of 10/21

10/21 Monday: Finish Book Presentations

10/22 Tuesday & 10/23 Wednesday: In Class presentations of Book Projects

10/24 Thursday: Intro to Frankenstein

10/25 Friday: Read Frankenstein Letters

  • Summarize each letter due Monday- 15 points

Literature Circles 2019

Quiz Creation


Week of 10/14

10/14 Monday: T Chart 3 Due

10/15 Tuesday: Continue working on Books.  Should finish by Thursday. 

Book Project/Presentation:

10/16 Wednesday: Class Discussion

10/17 Thursday: Quiz 3 and T Chart 4 Due

10/18 Friday: Begin work on Book Projects.

Week of 10/7

10/7 Monday: T Chart 2 Due

10/8 Tuesday: Continue work on Books

10/9 Wednesday: Class discussion questions.  Each group answer and keep for Thursday.

Answer the following questions with your group:

  1. How has your story evolved so far?  In what ways has the author kept your interest?
  2. What has been the most interesting part of the novel so far? What techniques has the author used to keep your interest?
  3. How do the events in this book compare to other books you’ve read?
  4. How do the big ideas of this book remind you of real life?
  5. What is the story really about?
  6. What was new information for you?
  7. How have characters (if you have them) changed throughout the novel?
  8. How has your thinking changed as a result of what you learned from the story?

10/10 Thursday: Class discussion over Wednesday’s questions

10/11 Friday: Quiz #2 Due

Week of 9/30

9/30 Monday: Hand out packet.  T Chart 1 due

10/1 Tuesday: Continue work on Books

10/2 Wednesday: Class discussion (Questions on board)

10/3 Thursday: Quiz #1 due

10/4 Friday: Class Discussion

Week of 9/23

9/23 Monday: Using the Book Genre website do the following written assignment: 

  • Book Genre Types
  • Pick 3 genre’s that you enjoy the most
    • Write a paragraph for each answering the following:
      • Explain the genre
      • Why did you choose it?
      • Name some examples of books, movies or shows that represent the genre that you have enjoyed
  • Pick a genre you like the least:
    • Write a paragraph explaining why you dislike the particular genre

9/24 Tuesday:  Book choice day

9/25 Wednesday-9/27 Friday: Begin Lit Circle assignment

Week of 9/16

9/16 Monday-9/18 Wednesday: Finish presenting SlideDecks

9/19 Thursday: SLO Test

9/20 Friday: Intro to book assignment

Book Genre Discussion

Week of 9/9

9/9 Monday-9/11 Wednesday- Work on Prezi Slidedecks

**If you do not already have a Prezi account you will need to create a free one.  You can access Prezi by clicking here

  • 1 min Prezi Presentation on a form of Transportation (car, train, bus, plane, etc)
  • At least 4 transitions
  • At least two images with words inside the images
  • At least one video inside a letter or image

9/12 Thursday-9/13 Friday: Present PowerPoint and Prezi SlideDecks

Week of 9/2

9/2 Monday- No School-Labor Day

9/3 Tuesday-9/6 Friday- Work on PowerPoint Presentations

  • 1 min PowerPoint presentation
  • Topic is Movies
  • Must include the following:
    • Title Slide
    • Road Map
    • 4 animations
    • Transitions between every slide
    • Images
    • Embedded or Linked video (must link a word or picture if linking)
    • Added shapes or cutouts of images (something cool)
  • Check out these articles (or video) for some cool ideas

**Remember you must attach your PowerPoint presentation to an email and send it to ryan.wolf@columbianaschools.org when finished**


Week of 8/26

8/26 Monday-8/27 Tuesday: Begin Google Slidedecks

Your topic is favorite animal.  Create a 30-45 second presentation on your animal.  Your slides need to include:

  • Images
  • Transitions
  • Eye catching fonts and backgrounds that fit your topic
  • At least 2 animations
  • One other cool thing that you decided to use
  • Check this out from google to enhance your presentations

We will work on these Monday and Tuesday. 

This project will be worth 40 points

8/28 Wednesday-8/29 Thursday: Google Slide Presentations

Week of 8/19

8/19 Monday: No School

8/20 Tuesday: Intro to class

8/21 Wednesday: 1 page free write

8/22 Thursday: English related Poster

  • Create a 1 page poster that relates to a book or movie to hang in the classroom.  Due Monday (10 points)

8/23 Friday: Intro to public speaking