English 11

Weekly Learning Objectives

Week of 12/2

12/2 Monday- No School

12/3 Tuesday- Frankenstein friend presentations

12/4 Wednesday- Review of entire book

12/5 Thursday- Frankenstein Test Day 1

12/6 Friday- Frankenstein Test Day 2

Week of 11/25

11/25 Monday-11/26 Tuesday

In Library to work on Frankenstein Friend Page

Guidance Poll

Week of 11/18

11/18 Monday: Guidance Scheduling Visit

11/19 Tuesday: Read Chapters 19-20

11/20 Wednesday: Read Chapters 21-22

11/21 Thursday: Read Chapters 23-24

11/22 Friday: Review Chapters 17-24

Survey for Creative Entrepreneurship

Week of 11/11

11/11 Monday: Read Chapters 13-14

11/12 Tuesday: Read Chapter 15

11/13 Wednesday: Read Chapter 16

11/14 Thursday: Chapters 11-16 Storyboard Assignment

Chapters 11-16 Storyboard review

11/15 Friday: Read Chapters 17-18

Week of 11/4

11/4 Monday: Read Chapter 7

11/5 Tuesday: Read Chapter 8

11/6 Wednesday: Read Chapters 9-10

11/7 Thursday: 1-10 Review Assignment

11/8 Friday: Read Chapters 11-12

Week of 10/28

10/28 Monday: Letter Summaries due: Read Chapter 1

10/29 Tuesday: Read chapters 2-3

10/30 Wednesday: Read chapter 4

10/31 Thursday: Read chapters 5-6

11/1 Friday: Review Chapters 1-6

Week of 10/21

10/21 Monday: Finish Book Presentations

10/22 Tuesday & 10/23 Wednesday: In Class presentations of Book Projects

10/24 Thursday: Intro to Frankenstein

10/25 Friday: Read Frankenstein Letters

  • Summarize each letter due Monday- 15 points

Literature Circles 2019

Quiz Creation


Week of 10/14

10/14 Monday: T Chart 3 Due

10/15 Tuesday: Continue working on Books.  Should finish by Thursday. 

Book Project/Presentation:

10/16 Wednesday: Class Discussion

10/17 Thursday: Quiz 3 and T Chart 4 Due

10/18 Friday: Begin work on Book Projects.

Week of 10/7

10/7 Monday: T Chart 2 Due

10/8 Tuesday: Continue work on Books

10/9 Wednesday: Class discussion questions.  Each group answer and keep for Thursday.

Answer the following questions with your group:

  1. How has your story evolved so far?  In what ways has the author kept your interest?
  2. What has been the most interesting part of the novel so far? What techniques has the author used to keep your interest?
  3. How do the events in this book compare to other books you’ve read?
  4. How do the big ideas of this book remind you of real life?
  5. What is the story really about?
  6. What was new information for you?
  7. How have characters (if you have them) changed throughout the novel?
  8. How has your thinking changed as a result of what you learned from the story?

10/10 Thursday: Class discussion over Wednesday’s questions

10/11 Friday: Quiz #2 Due

Week of 9/30

9/30 Monday: Hand out packet.  T Chart 1 due

10/1 Tuesday: Continue work on Books

10/2 Wednesday: Class discussion (Questions on board)

10/3 Thursday: Quiz #1 due

10/4 Friday: Class Discussion

Week of 9/23

9/23 Monday: Using the Book Genre website do the following written assignment: 

  • Book Genre Types
  • Pick 3 genre’s that you enjoy the most
    • Write a paragraph for each answering the following:
      • Explain the genre
      • Why did you choose it?
      • Name some examples of books, movies or shows that represent the genre that you have enjoyed
  • Pick a genre you like the least:
    • Write a paragraph explaining why you dislike the particular genre

9/24 Tuesday:  Book choice day

9/25 Wednesday-9/27 Friday: Begin Lit Circle assignment

Week of 9/16

9/16 Monday-9/18 Wednesday: Finish presenting SlideDecks

9/19 Thursday: SLO Test

9/20 Friday: Intro to book assignment

Book Genre Discussion

Week of 9/9

9/9 Monday-9/11 Wednesday- Work on Prezi Slidedecks

**If you do not already have a Prezi account you will need to create a free one.  You can access Prezi by clicking here

  • 1 min Prezi Presentation on a form of Transportation (car, train, bus, plane, etc)
  • At least 4 transitions
  • At least two images with words inside the images
  • At least one video inside a letter or image

9/12 Thursday-9/13 Friday: Present PowerPoint and Prezi SlideDecks

Week of 9/2

9/2 Monday- No School-Labor Day

9/3 Tuesday-9/6 Friday- Work on PowerPoint Presentations

  • 1 min PowerPoint presentation
  • Topic is Movies
  • Must include the following:
    • Title Slide
    • Road Map
    • 4 animations
    • Transitions between every slide
    • Images
    • Embedded or Linked video (must link a word or picture if linking)
    • Added shapes or cutouts of images (something cool)
  • Check out these articles (or video) for some cool ideas

**Remember you must attach your PowerPoint presentation to an email and send it to ryan.wolf@columbianaschools.org when finished**


Week of 8/26

8/26 Monday-8/27 Tuesday: Begin Google Slidedecks

Your topic is favorite animal.  Create a 30-45 second presentation on your animal.  Your slides need to include:

  • Images
  • Transitions
  • Eye catching fonts and backgrounds that fit your topic
  • At least 2 animations
  • One other cool thing that you decided to use
  • Check this out from google to enhance your presentations

We will work on these Monday and Tuesday. 

This project will be worth 40 points

8/28 Wednesday-8/29 Thursday: Google Slide Presentations

Week of 8/19

8/19 Monday: No School

8/20 Tuesday: Intro to class

8/21 Wednesday: 1 page free write

8/22 Thursday: English related Poster

  • Create a 1 page poster that relates to a book or movie to hang in the classroom.  Due Monday (10 points)

8/23 Friday: Intro to public speaking