English 11

This website offers general outlines for the entire class. With block scheduling the days may not exactly line up to what is listed depending on the week. Specific assignments and more information can be found on each periods Google Classroom site:

3rd Period Google Classroom Code: y3nszmu
4th Period Google Classroom Code: caminzy
8th Period Google Classroom Code: bqedohx

Weekly Learning Objectives

Week of November 16-24

We will be working on a brief research paper this week (**Update-Moved due date the Monday 11/23 or Tuesday 11/24 due to remote learning**)

On Friday please share your paper with a friend and complete the Authors Workshop:

Week of November 9

Monday/Tuesday: Integrating Quotes Practice

Wednesday/Thursday: INFOhio intro and Source Verification Assignment

Friday: Research Practice

Week of November 2

Monday/Tuesday: Project Presentations

Wednesday/Thursday: MLA Works Cited Practice

Friday: MLA In Text Citation Review and Practice

Week of October 26

Monday: No School

Tuesday/Wednesday: Lord of the Flies in class work day

Thursday/Friday: Lord of the Flies test review and examples/MLA Citations review

Week of October 19

Monday/Tuesday: Review Chapter 12/Watch Video Clips/Review for Test

  • Maps are due

Wednesday/Thursday: Test

Friday: “Remote Day”-Log in at scheduled time.  We will discuss projects and you will turn in what project you are choosing to do.

Week of October 12

A brief outline of the week ahead:
Monday/Tuesday: Read Chapter 9 together/Storyboard assignment/Read Chapter 10
Wednesday/Thursday: Read Chapter 10 together/Finish Book
Friday: Island Map Assignment

Week of October 5

Monday-Thursday: Continue to read Lord of the Flies chapters 5-8.

  • We will do a Lost at Sea exercise on Wednesday or Thursday (corresponding to your class schedule)

Friday: Chapters 1-8 review sheet

Week of September 28

Monday-Friday:  Here is an outline of the week and what needs to be done

  1. Read Chapters 2-4
  2. You will be given time in class to read both Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday/Thursday
  3. We will discuss and review chapters each day
    1. Monday/Tuesday: Chapters 1 and 2
    2. Wednesday/Thursday: Chapters 2 and 3
    3. Friday: Chapter 4
  4. Write a 10 question quiz on the first 4 chapters of the book (20 points)
    1. The quiz should include at least 2 questions from each chapter
    2. You must answer each question
    3. Questions should be created in this way:
      1. 4 Multiple Choice
      2. 5 Short answer
      3. 1 Short Essay (1-2 paragraph answer)

Week of September 21


  1. Finish PowerPoint/Alternative Presentations
  2. Tips and tricks for presenting
  3. Lord of the Flies Intro



Week of September 14

Monday/Tuesday: PowerPoint Slide Decks

  • 1 min PowerPoint presentation
  • Topic is Movies
  • Must include the following:
    • Title Slide
    • Road Map
    • 4 animations
    • Transitions between every slide
    • Images
    • Embedded or Linked video (must link a word or picture if linking)
    • Added shapes or cutouts of images (something cool)
  • Check out these articles (or video) for some cool ideas

Wednesday/Thursday: Present PowerPoint/Alternative Slidedecks

Friday: Presentation (non slidedeck) tips and tricks

Week of September 7

Tuesday/Wednesday: Present Google Slide Animal Presentations


Week of August 31
We will be covering the following this week

  • Descriptive papers due: Will read some together as a class
  • Intro to Presentations
  • Create Google Slide Deck Presentation
    • Your topic is favorite animal.  Create a 30-45 second presentation on your animal.  Your slides need to include:

      • Images
      • Transitions
      • Eye catching fonts and backgrounds that fit your topic
      • At least 2 animations
      • One other cool thing that you decided to use
      • Check this out from google to enhance your presentations

      This project will be worth 40 points

Week of August 24th

Monday– No School
Tuesday– Intro to the class, expectations, rules, etc.
Wednesday/Thursday– “Extra Sensory” Perception assignment and Campus description intro

Descriptive Words

Friday– Campus Description Assignment

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