English 11

Weekly Learning Objectives

Week of 5/20

5/20 Monday: Work on/Read Books

5/21 Tuesday: Work on/Read Books

5/22 Wednesday: In Class Questions/Discussion

5/23 Thursday: Quiz #2 Due

5/24 Friday: 1st and 4th Period Final Presentations

Final Book Assignments:

Week of 5/13

5/13 Monday: Work on/Read books

5/14 Tuesday: Work on/Read books

5/15 Wednesday: In Class Questions/Discussion

5/16 Thursday: Work on/Read books

5/17 Friday: Quiz 1 Due

Week of 5/6

5/6 Monday-5/7 Tuesday: LOTF Presentations

5/8 Wednesday: Book Genre Types

5/9 Thursday-5/10 Friday: Begin Literature Circle project

Week of 4/29

4/29 Monday: Read Chapter 11

4/30 Tuesday: Read Chapter 12

  • Answer the following questions (15 points) Due Wednesday
    • Explain the importance of this line and why the author uses these particular words: “A painted face spoke with the voice of Robert” (176).
    • The conch exploded into a thousand pieces when Piggy is crushed by the rock.  What does this represent?
    • “Roger sharpened a stick at both ends” (190).  What does this mean and why is it important?
    • Why is the way the boys get rescued ironic?

5/1 Wednesday: Review Book/Movie Clips

5/2 Thursday-5/3 Friday: LOTF Project

Week of 4/22

4/22 Monday: No School

4/23 Tuesday: Read Chapter 8

4/24 Wednesday: Read Chapters 9-10

  • Answer the following 3 questions about Chapters 8-10 (15 points)
    1. What is the gift for the beast?  What does it mean toward the groups civility?
    2. Describe the final scene (chapter 9) with Simon and why it happened.
    3. Why does Jack’s camp attack Ralph’s group (chapter 10)?

4/25 Thursday: PTC Visit

4/26 Friday: Prom

Week of 4/15

4/15 Monday: Read Chapter 5

  • Answer the following question for Tuesday:
    • What is the overall mood of the boys at this point.  List 3 causes/ideas that support your claim

4/16 Tuesday: Read Chapter 6

  • Answer the following question for Wednesday:
    • What is the Beast from the Air?  How does it change the morale of the boys on the island when it is discovered?

4/17 Wednesday: Read Chapter 7

4/18 Thursday: Quiz over Chapters 1-7

4/19 Friday: No School

Week of 4/8

4/8 Monday: Chapters 1-2 Quiz

4/9 Tuesday: Read Chapter 3

  • Answer the following question in 2-3 sentences:
    • Why is Ralph having such a hard time getting others to help him build the huts (particularly Jack’s group)?  How does reality differ from expectations?

4/10-4/11 Wednesday-Thursday: Government Testing

4/12 Friday: Read Chapter 4

Week of 4/1

4/1 Monday-4/2 Tuesday: Watch 2 episodes of Lost

4/3 Wednesday: Lord of the Flies Introduction

4/4 Thursday:Read Chapter 1

4/5 Friday: Read Chapter 2

Week of 3/25

3/25-3/26 Monday-Tuesday: Genius Hour Shareouts

3/27-3/28 Wednesday-Thursday: Write a 3-4 page short story.  The theme is stranded on a deserted island

  • You can work with one other person
  • There can be up to 10 people “Lost” on your island with you
  • Determine how they will survive and what types of adversity they will face

3/29 Friday: Read short stories out loud

Week of 3/18

3/18 Monday: Continue working on Genius Hour Project

3/19-3/21 Tuesday-Thursday: Story elements/mapping

3/22 Friday: Genius Hour Shareouts

Week of 3/11

3/11 Monday: ACT Prep/ 1 Page Research Paper Due

3/12 Tuesday: ACT

3/13 Wednesday: Genius Hour

  • What you must have for Genius Hour
    • Driving Question
    • Must Involve Research
    • Must be shared

3/14 Thursday: Topic and Driving Question Due

3/15 Friday: Begin Research

Week of 3/4

3/4 Monday: Building an Essay from Sources

3/5 Tuesday-3/6 Wednesday: Mini research paper

  • Using the information you found from last Friday’s assignment write a two paragraph mini paper about the topic.  Each paragraph should include at least one in text citation.  Your citation should either be in MLA or APA format.

3/7 Thursday-3/8 Friday: 1-page-research-paper

Week of 2/25

2/25-2/26 Monday-Tuesday: MLA Works Cited and APA Reference Page Practice

Use the Works Cited/Reference page document to create a MLA Works Cited page and also a APA Reference page.  You will turn in two documents each worth 20 points.

2/27 Wednesday- Finish APA and MLA pages

2/28 Thursday- Basics of Research

3/1 Friday- Research Practice

  • Pick a topic you are interested in
  • Open a Google Doc and do the following
    • Ask 5 questions about your topic that you are interested in learning about
    • Answer your five questions using at least 2 different sources
    • Following your questions, write down the following information about your source.  If you cannot find the information write NA
      • Title of article, book, website
      • Author of article, book
      • Date
      • URL (if web)
    • Write 1-2 sentences after your source describing whether or not you believe it is reliable and why.

Week of 2/18

2/18 Monday: No School

2/19 Tuesday: ACT Prep and Tips

2/20 Wednesday: ACT

2/21 Thursday: MLA Citations/Work Cited Review

2/22 Friday: APA Citations/Work Cited Review

Week of 2/11

death of a salesman full play

ACT Practice Test (Answers are on Pages 57 and 58)

Extra Practice Tests:



2/11 Monday: Act II Review

2/12 Tuesday: Act II Quiz

2/13 Wednesday: Practice ACT English Test

2/14 Thursday: Practice ACT Reading Test

2/15 Friday: No School

Week of 2/4

death of a salesman full play

2/4 Monday-2/6 Wednesday: Finish Act II

2/7 Thursday and 2/8 Friday: Review Act II

Week of 1/28

death of a salesman full play

1/28 Monday-2/1 Friday: Read Act II

Week of 1/21

death of a salesman full play

1/21 Monday: No School

1/22 Tuesday: Snow Day!!

1/23 Wednesday: Finish Act 1

1/24 Thursday: Act 1 Review

1/25 Friday: Act I Quiz

Week of 1/14

death of a salesman full play

Monday: Death of a Salesman Intro

Tuesday-Friday: Read Act I of the play

Thursday 1/18: Midterms are due!!

Week of 1/7

Monday: Beliefs Audit

Tuesday: Strategic Planning Midterm

Wednesday: Drama Intro

Thursday: America in the 1940’s

Friday: Work on Midterm

Week of 12/17

12/17 Monday: Leadership Activity-Trimming the Budget

12/18 Tuesday: Create your own leadership activity (25 points)

  • Develop a story with a problem
  • The solution to the problem must be open ended
  • There needs to be a back story for the characters and the problem
  • Must be written out and turned in

12/19 Wednesday: Do the created leadership activities

12/20 Thursday: TBA

Week of 12/10

12/10 Monday: Brain Teaser Leadership Activity

12/11 Tuesday: The Winner’s Manual Discussion

12/12 Wednesday: SWOT Analysis

12/13 Thursday: Vision and Mission Statements

12/14 Friday: Brain Teaser Competition

Week of 12/3

12/3 Monday: Shackleton Quiz and 5 Qualities Leadership Paper

12/4 Tuesday: Finish Leadership Paper

12/5 Wednesday: Shackleton Leadership Discussion (Based off of paper)

12/6 Thursday: Jim Tressel Block O

12/7 Friday: Leadership Activity

Week of 11/26

11/26 Monday: No School

11/27 Tuesday: The Office

11/28 Wednesday: Hiring Activity

11/29 Thursday: Sinking Boat Activity

11/30 Friday: Shackelton Assignment

Week of 11/19

11/19 Monday: Finish Leadership Papers

11/20 Tuesday: The Office- Michael Scott Leadership Qualities

Week of 11/12

11/12 Monday: Finish Wooden presentations

11/13 Tuesday: Wooden Pyramid of Success Quiz

11/14 Wednesday: John C. Maxwell Video

11/15 Thursday: 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader

11/16 Friday: Begin 21 Qualities Paper

Week of 11/5

11/5 Monday: Satire Project Presentations

11/6 Tuesday: Leadership Intro- What is Leadership and who are great leaders?

11/7 Wednesday: John Wooden and Leadership

11/8 Thursday: Pyramid Blocks assignment

  • Groups of no more than 2
  • 1-2 minute presentation on assigned Block or Blocks of pyramid
  • Include Wooden’s full breakdown from website
  • Include your interpretation and apply it to current HS lives
  • Find a current or past person who represents the ideas presented

11/9 Friday: Present Block Assignment

Week of 10/29

10/29 Monday: Satirical News Shows

10/30 Tuesday: Political Cartoon Assignment

10/31 Wednesday: Present political cartoons

11/1 Thursday and 11/2 Friday: Satire Project

Week of 10/22

10/22 Monday: Finish Edward Scissorhands

10/23-10/24 Tuesday and Wednesday: Chrome Lab to begin work on Paper (Final Paper Due Sunday 10/28.

10/25 Thursday: Begin Satire mini unit

10/26 Friday: Satirical News (The Daily Show/SNL Weekend Update)

Week of 10/15

10/15 Monday: Finish Novel (Chapters 23 and 24)

10/16 Tuesday: Review Chapters 10-24

10/17 Wednesday: Test/Quiz over Chapters 10-24

10/18 Thursday & 10/19 Friday: Watch Edward Scissorhands

Week of 10/8

10/8 Monday: Read Chapter 16/Hand out Storyboard Assignment

10/9 Tuesday: Read Chapters 17-18

10/10 Wednesday: Read Chapters 19-20

10/11 Thursday: Read Chapters 21-22

10/12 Friday: Read Chapters 23-24

Week of 10/1

10/1 Monday: Read Chapters 8 and 9

10/2 Tuesday: Read Chapter 10 and review first 10 Chapters

10/3 Wednesday: Quiz over Chapters 1-10 and read Chapter 11

10/4 Thursday: Read Chapters 12 and 13

10/5 Friday: Read Chapters 14 and 15

Week of 9/24

9/24 Monday: Read first four letters in Frankenstein (pp. 1-14).

  • Due Tuesday: Summarize each letter

9/25 Tuesday: Read Chapters 1-2

9/26 Wednesday: Read Chapters 3-4

9/27 Thursday: Read Chapters 5-6

  • Based on the reading do the following:
    • Write out a detailed description of Victor’s creation
    • Find 2 lines/quotes from EACH chapter that you feel are the most important or sum up the chapter the best.  Include Page #

9/28 Friday: Read Chapter 7

Week of 9/17

9/17 Monday-9/19 Wednesday: Book Presentations

9/20 Thursday: SLO Test

9/21 Friday: Frankenstein Introduction

  • Frankenstein Intro
    • This is a detailed PowerPoint that contains a bunch of notes about the novel.


Week of 9/10

9/10 Monday-9/11 Tuesday: Work on Prezi presentations

**If you do not already have a Prezi account you will need to create a free one.  You can access Prezi by clicking here

  • 1 min Prezi Presentation on a form of Transportation (car, train, bus, plane, etc)
  • At least 4 transitions
  • At least two images with words inside the images
  • At least one video inside a letter

9/12 Wednesday: We will continue to work on the Prezi’s and each student will present to Mr. Wolf or Mrs. Rivello during class at his/her computer by the end of class.

9/13-9/14 Thursday-Friday: Work on Book presentations.  You can use any form of slide deck you want (Slides, PowerPoint or Prezi (Also Keynote but you will have to bring in your own Mac).

**If you have not finished your book you can take this time to read your book in class and will have to work on the presentation on your own time**

Week of 9/3

9/3 Monday- No School-Labor Day

9/4 Tuesday-9/6 Thursday- Work on PowerPoint Presentations

  • 1 min PowerPoint presentation
  • Topic is Movies
  • Must include the following:
    • Title Slide
    • 4 animations
    • Transitions between every slide
    • Images
    • Embedded or Linked video (must link a word or picture if linking)
    • Added shapes or cutouts of images (something cool)
  • Check out these articles (or video) for some cool ideas

**Remember you must attach your PowerPoint presentation to an email and send it to ryan.wolf@columbianaschools.org when finished**

9/7 Friday: Begin Presentations

Week of 8/27

8/27 Monday-8/29 Wednesday- Google Slide projects

Your topic is favorite animal.  Create a 30-45 second presentation on your animal.  Your slides need to include:

  • Images
  • Transitions
  • Eye catching fonts and backgrounds that fit your topic
  • At least 2 animations
  • One other cool thing that you decided to use
  • Check this out from google to enhance your presentations

We will work on these Monday and Tuesday in the Chrome Lab.  If we need a third day we will also work on Wednesday but we will discuss on Tuesday.

This project will be worth 50 points

Week of 8/22

8/22 Wednesday: Intro to class

8/24 Thursday: 1 page free write/Book Presentation

8/25 Friday: Intro to public speaking