English 11

Weekly Learning Objectives

Week of 4/15

4/15 Monday: Read Chapter 5

  • Answer the following question for Tuesday:
    • What is the overall mood of the boys at this point.  List 3 causes/ideas that support your claim

4/16 Tuesday: Read Chapter 6

  • Answer the following question for Wednesday:
    • What is the Beast from the Air?  How does it change the morale of the boys on the island when it is discovered?

4/17 Wednesday: Read Chapter 7

4/18 Thursday: Quiz over Chapters 1-7

4/19 Friday: No School

Week of 4/8

4/8 Monday: Chapters 1-2 Quiz

4/9 Tuesday: Read Chapter 3

  • Answer the following question in 2-3 sentences:
    • Why is Ralph having such a hard time getting others to help him build the huts (particularly Jack’s group)?  How does reality differ from expectations?

4/10-4/11 Wednesday-Thursday: Government Testing

4/12 Friday: Read Chapter 4

Week of 4/1

4/1 Monday-4/2 Tuesday: Watch 2 episodes of Lost

4/3 Wednesday: Lord of the Flies Introduction

4/4 Thursday:Read Chapter 1

4/5 Friday: Read Chapter 2

Week of 3/25

3/25-3/26 Monday-Tuesday: Genius Hour Shareouts

3/27-3/28 Wednesday-Thursday: Write a 3-4 page short story.  The theme is stranded on a deserted island

  • You can work with one other person
  • There can be up to 10 people “Lost” on your island with you
  • Determine how they will survive and what types of adversity they will face

3/29 Friday: Read short stories out loud

Week of 3/18

3/18 Monday: Continue working on Genius Hour Project

3/19-3/21 Tuesday-Thursday: Story elements/mapping

3/22 Friday: Genius Hour Shareouts

Week of 3/11

3/11 Monday: ACT Prep/ 1 Page Research Paper Due

3/12 Tuesday: ACT

3/13 Wednesday: Genius Hour

  • What you must have for Genius Hour
    • Driving Question
    • Must Involve Research
    • Must be shared

3/14 Thursday: Topic and Driving Question Due

3/15 Friday: Begin Research

Week of 3/4

3/4 Monday: Building an Essay from Sources

3/5 Tuesday-3/6 Wednesday: Mini research paper

  • Using the information you found from last Friday’s assignment write a two paragraph mini paper about the topic.  Each paragraph should include at least one in text citation.  Your citation should either be in MLA or APA format.

3/7 Thursday-3/8 Friday: 1-page-research-paper

Week of 2/25

2/25-2/26 Monday-Tuesday: MLA Works Cited and APA Reference Page Practice

Use the Works Cited/Reference page document to create a MLA Works Cited page and also a APA Reference page.  You will turn in two documents each worth 20 points.

2/27 Wednesday- Finish APA and MLA pages

2/28 Thursday- Basics of Research

3/1 Friday- Research Practice

  • Pick a topic you are interested in
  • Open a Google Doc and do the following
    • Ask 5 questions about your topic that you are interested in learning about
    • Answer your five questions using at least 2 different sources
    • Following your questions, write down the following information about your source.  If you cannot find the information write NA
      • Title of article, book, website
      • Author of article, book
      • Date
      • URL (if web)
    • Write 1-2 sentences after your source describing whether or not you believe it is reliable and why.

Week of 2/18

2/18 Monday: No School

2/19 Tuesday: ACT Prep and Tips

2/20 Wednesday: ACT

2/21 Thursday: MLA Citations/Work Cited Review

2/22 Friday: APA Citations/Work Cited Review

Week of 2/11

death of a salesman full play

ACT Practice Test (Answers are on Pages 57 and 58)

Extra Practice Tests:



2/11 Monday: Act II Review

2/12 Tuesday: Act II Quiz

2/13 Wednesday: Practice ACT English Test

2/14 Thursday: Practice ACT Reading Test

2/15 Friday: No School

Week of 2/4

death of a salesman full play

2/4 Monday-2/6 Wednesday: Finish Act II

2/7 Thursday and 2/8 Friday: Review Act II

Week of 1/28

death of a salesman full play

1/28 Monday-2/1 Friday: Read Act II

Week of 1/21

death of a salesman full play

1/21 Monday: No School

1/22 Tuesday: Snow Day!!

1/23 Wednesday: Finish Act 1

1/24 Thursday: Act 1 Review

1/25 Friday: Act I Quiz

Week of 1/14

death of a salesman full play

Monday: Death of a Salesman Intro

Tuesday-Friday: Read Act I of the play

Thursday 1/18: Midterms are due!!

Week of 1/7

Monday: Beliefs Audit

Tuesday: Strategic Planning Midterm

Wednesday: Drama Intro

Thursday: America in the 1940’s

Friday: Work on Midterm

Week of 12/17

12/17 Monday: Leadership Activity-Trimming the Budget

12/18 Tuesday: Create your own leadership activity (25 points)

  • Develop a story with a problem
  • The solution to the problem must be open ended
  • There needs to be a back story for the characters and the problem
  • Must be written out and turned in

12/19 Wednesday: Do the created leadership activities

12/20 Thursday: TBA

Week of 12/10

12/10 Monday: Brain Teaser Leadership Activity

12/11 Tuesday: The Winner’s Manual Discussion

12/12 Wednesday: SWOT Analysis

12/13 Thursday: Vision and Mission Statements

12/14 Friday: Brain Teaser Competition

Week of 12/3

12/3 Monday: Shackleton Quiz and 5 Qualities Leadership Paper

12/4 Tuesday: Finish Leadership Paper

12/5 Wednesday: Shackleton Leadership Discussion (Based off of paper)

12/6 Thursday: Jim Tressel Block O

12/7 Friday: Leadership Activity

Week of 11/26

11/26 Monday: No School

11/27 Tuesday: The Office

11/28 Wednesday: Hiring Activity

11/29 Thursday: Sinking Boat Activity

11/30 Friday: Shackelton Assignment

Week of 11/19

11/19 Monday: Finish Leadership Papers

11/20 Tuesday: The Office- Michael Scott Leadership Qualities

Week of 11/12

11/12 Monday: Finish Wooden presentations

11/13 Tuesday: Wooden Pyramid of Success Quiz

11/14 Wednesday: John C. Maxwell Video

11/15 Thursday: 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader

11/16 Friday: Begin 21 Qualities Paper

Week of 11/5

11/5 Monday: Satire Project Presentations

11/6 Tuesday: Leadership Intro- What is Leadership and who are great leaders?

11/7 Wednesday: John Wooden and Leadership

11/8 Thursday: Pyramid Blocks assignment

  • Groups of no more than 2
  • 1-2 minute presentation on assigned Block or Blocks of pyramid
  • Include Wooden’s full breakdown from website
  • Include your interpretation and apply it to current HS lives
  • Find a current or past person who represents the ideas presented

11/9 Friday: Present Block Assignment

Week of 10/29

10/29 Monday: Satirical News Shows

10/30 Tuesday: Political Cartoon Assignment

10/31 Wednesday: Present political cartoons

11/1 Thursday and 11/2 Friday: Satire Project

Week of 10/22

10/22 Monday: Finish Edward Scissorhands

10/23-10/24 Tuesday and Wednesday: Chrome Lab to begin work on Paper (Final Paper Due Sunday 10/28.

10/25 Thursday: Begin Satire mini unit

10/26 Friday: Satirical News (The Daily Show/SNL Weekend Update)

Week of 10/15

10/15 Monday: Finish Novel (Chapters 23 and 24)

10/16 Tuesday: Review Chapters 10-24

10/17 Wednesday: Test/Quiz over Chapters 10-24

10/18 Thursday & 10/19 Friday: Watch Edward Scissorhands

Week of 10/8

10/8 Monday: Read Chapter 16/Hand out Storyboard Assignment

10/9 Tuesday: Read Chapters 17-18

10/10 Wednesday: Read Chapters 19-20

10/11 Thursday: Read Chapters 21-22

10/12 Friday: Read Chapters 23-24

Week of 10/1

10/1 Monday: Read Chapters 8 and 9

10/2 Tuesday: Read Chapter 10 and review first 10 Chapters

10/3 Wednesday: Quiz over Chapters 1-10 and read Chapter 11

10/4 Thursday: Read Chapters 12 and 13

10/5 Friday: Read Chapters 14 and 15

Week of 9/24

9/24 Monday: Read first four letters in Frankenstein (pp. 1-14).

  • Due Tuesday: Summarize each letter

9/25 Tuesday: Read Chapters 1-2

9/26 Wednesday: Read Chapters 3-4

9/27 Thursday: Read Chapters 5-6

  • Based on the reading do the following:
    • Write out a detailed description of Victor’s creation
    • Find 2 lines/quotes from EACH chapter that you feel are the most important or sum up the chapter the best.  Include Page #

9/28 Friday: Read Chapter 7

Week of 9/17

9/17 Monday-9/19 Wednesday: Book Presentations

9/20 Thursday: SLO Test

9/21 Friday: Frankenstein Introduction

  • Frankenstein Intro
    • This is a detailed PowerPoint that contains a bunch of notes about the novel.


Week of 9/10

9/10 Monday-9/11 Tuesday: Work on Prezi presentations

**If you do not already have a Prezi account you will need to create a free one.  You can access Prezi by clicking here

  • 1 min Prezi Presentation on a form of Transportation (car, train, bus, plane, etc)
  • At least 4 transitions
  • At least two images with words inside the images
  • At least one video inside a letter

9/12 Wednesday: We will continue to work on the Prezi’s and each student will present to Mr. Wolf or Mrs. Rivello during class at his/her computer by the end of class.

9/13-9/14 Thursday-Friday: Work on Book presentations.  You can use any form of slide deck you want (Slides, PowerPoint or Prezi (Also Keynote but you will have to bring in your own Mac).

**If you have not finished your book you can take this time to read your book in class and will have to work on the presentation on your own time**

Week of 9/3

9/3 Monday- No School-Labor Day

9/4 Tuesday-9/6 Thursday- Work on PowerPoint Presentations

  • 1 min PowerPoint presentation
  • Topic is Movies
  • Must include the following:
    • Title Slide
    • 4 animations
    • Transitions between every slide
    • Images
    • Embedded or Linked video (must link a word or picture if linking)
    • Added shapes or cutouts of images (something cool)
  • Check out these articles (or video) for some cool ideas

**Remember you must attach your PowerPoint presentation to an email and send it to ryan.wolf@columbianaschools.org when finished**

9/7 Friday: Begin Presentations

Week of 8/27

8/27 Monday-8/29 Wednesday- Google Slide projects

Your topic is favorite animal.  Create a 30-45 second presentation on your animal.  Your slides need to include:

  • Images
  • Transitions
  • Eye catching fonts and backgrounds that fit your topic
  • At least 2 animations
  • One other cool thing that you decided to use
  • Check this out from google to enhance your presentations

We will work on these Monday and Tuesday in the Chrome Lab.  If we need a third day we will also work on Wednesday but we will discuss on Tuesday.

This project will be worth 50 points

Week of 8/22

8/22 Wednesday: Intro to class

8/24 Thursday: 1 page free write/Book Presentation

8/25 Friday: Intro to public speaking